Points and Affiliate Policy

Points, Affiliate and Earning’s Policy

Effective Date: 11/06/19

Points and Affiliate Earning System

Starting from the effective date of this policy, Users will be allowed to earn points for uploading a post, reacting to a post (like, love, amazed, sad or angry), commenting on a post and writing blogs. You can earn by becoming an Affiliate and sharing a generated link under your affiliates menu to many social networks, applications and websites.

Users will also be allowed to convert affiliates and points they’ve earned for money, after they’ve p****ed the Minimum Balance (US$50). After the User has gone p****ed the Minimum Balance, they can request a withdrawal of the funds to their PayPal e-mail account. You can’t request funds lower than the Minimum Balance and Users are required to open an account with PayPal. A US$2 Handling fee should be included in the requested amount (requested withdrawal + $2), else we will not accept the process of the withdrawal. The Handling fee ****ist us in withdrawal charges from our PayPal account to the Users. Present Phuture Ltd will not be held liable for additional charges incurred by Users from PayPal or your local bank.

Power of Attorney

Present Phuture Ltd reserves the right to increase, decrease, enable and disable the Points, Affiliate, and Earning system, with immediate effect. Present Phuture Ltd will notify Users of any changes regarding the System on the Portall platform or via the Users e-mail.

You agree that this system is:

  • Only an incentive and that it will not inconvenience you from using the site effectively if changed, disabled or removed.
  • That you don’t rely on this system and have other means of generating revenue on our platform legally, within the bounds of the Portall Platforms Terms of Use.

You agree that you have read the Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and Cookie Policy of the site, and that you were given enough time to go through the Policies thoroughly.

Present Phuture Ltd reserves the right to determine a User or Users Points, Affiliate Earning allocated regarding the fair use of the Portall Platform. With that said you agree not to:

  • Violate the Terms of Use of the Portall Platform.
  • Use a bot, post or link accelerating service that creates fake pseudo accounts that would ****ist in earning you more Points or Affiliate earnings.
  • Share an account username and p****word with one or more Users, so they post on your behalf.

Withdrawing from account

After you request a withdrawal of funds from your account. The time it takes for Present Phuture ltd to approve the funds is determined by the number of withdraw request made and the amount requested by Users on Portall. If it is a low request rate and low amount, it may take 5 to 14 working days. On a high rate or a large amount, expect your request to be made in 14 to 30 working days.

Present Phuture ltd reserves the right to approve requests randomly, based on the amount waiting to be withdrawn by a user. You agree and allow Present Phuture ltd the right to conclude a request withdrawal of US$200 and over as a high rate.

Present Phuture ltd will notify users whether if their experiencing high request of fund rate on the Portall Platform or the User’s e-mail.

You agree you hold none of the members, staff, moderators, affiliate, investors, advertisers, partners and directors of Present Phuture Ltd responsible for any loss of points or earnings.

If you feel that we may have misunderstood the situation in banning you from earning any Points or Affiliate Earnings or you would like to know more on the System. Please contact us on: portall@portall.co.za or our contact us page.